At Your Disposal

Trash removal services in Pagosa Springs, Colorado


All recycling will be collected at our main office at 128 Bastille.

Our hours for recycling will be Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. We are closed Saturday and Sunday:

There is a $2.00 base fee for all recycling being dropped off. That covers up to 1 sq. yard of recycling, and $2.00 for each additional yard.

There are NO changes to the curbside recycling. We will still pick up the 2nd and 4th weeks of the month and the charge remains $10/month for that extra service.

Curbside Recycling Information

Thank you for using our curbside recycling service. We are excited about partnering with your to make our world a cleaner, safer place for future generations!

Recycling collection days are on the second and fourth weeks of the month on your regular trash collection day. Corrugated cardboard needs to be flattened and placed beside the cart; glass bottles separated into their own bag (a used grocery bag works well); aluminum cans, paper, plastic, and tin cans all go together in the cart provided. As with the trash, please have your recycling out at the curb by 7:00 a.m. A separate truck will pick up the recycling.

Things we DO accept:

#1 - Corrugated cardboard - all boxes must be flattened

#2 - Glass

#3 - Aluminum cans

#4 - All other recycling materials, as below:


Mixed paper
Phone books
Paperback books
Brown Paper Bags
Paperboard (cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, egg cartons)
Mixed paper
Bulk or Junk Mail
Office Paper


Steel or Tin Cans
Foil and Pie Plates
Loose metal jar lids
Steel bottle caps
Empty Aerosol Cans


Butter Tubs and Milk Jugs
Containers #1 through #7
Detergent Bottles
Vitamin bottles

Items We Cannot Accept

Paper towels
Disposable silverware
Plastic bags/plastic wrap
Window Glass
5-Gallon Buckets
Wire Hangers
Light Bulbs
Plastic Egg cartons
Six-pack ring holders
Plastic plates
Diapers, laundry lint, wood, metal, metal clothes hangers, clothes, food scraps

***Please continue to rinse out all containers to be recycled***

In addition to curbside recycling, we also recycle electronics for a fee of $0.60 per pound. These need to be brought to our office at 128 Bastille to be weighed. (Cathode ray tubes (CRT's) and circuit boards found in TV's and computers contain signigicant amounts of lead, chromium, silver, and many other toxic material, so State Law mandates they be recycled.)